Top 5 Scariest And Creepiest Game Characters Ever

Horror, what comes to mind when you hear the word you earlier, whether ghosts, monsters, terrible place, sadistic murder, the elements that makes the words more chilling and make you Goosebumps, heart palpitations, or even to pee pants. This article will discuss the 10 characters of the most horrific horror games and scary. Here is also another list of Top 10 Scary Video Games

The characters that would make your heart beat faster in the game when he met with them, all the time, every time, both with the ability to fight back or just run. So who are the 10 most creepy video game character of all time? Here is his list:

1. Crawler (Dead Space 2)

For those who love horror movies, there is nothing more creepy than to see the kids, which is always perceived as the most chaste and innocent creatures, appearing in their worst condition, crying in a form that is designed so “dark” and looks damned. For this reason, the variant that was first introduced Necromorphs in Dead Space 2 – The Crawler fit into this list. Babies are supposed to appear cute and funny, precisely visualized in the form of hideous Necromorphs due to infection.

2. Psycho Mantis (Metal Gear Solid)

Psycho Mantis from Metal Gear Solid? What creepy than a fictional character that only use gas masks and fly, with a shape that is still human? Why Psycho Mantis? Gamers who would not shudder and panic when your enemies cannot be killed with any weapon. Not only that, he can read any new games you play, to move the Dual-Shock controller you. The lack of knowledge at a time when it would make many gamers to wonder, how do Psycho Mantis? This mystery certainly feels quite “haunting”. How did he do that?

3. Little Sister (Bio Shock)

This one case, which may be similar to the case of Dead Space 2 Crawler. Although not a life-threatening enemy, Little Sister ADAM assigned to collect the remains come up with designs that will make your heart stop for a split second every time they met.

Visualized as a girl with a super cute outfit, Little Sister represents the horror that may often find in Hollywood horror films. Her cute face filled with a blank expression, dull, lifeless, with distorted sound. Along with Big Daddy, Little Sister least will inhabit your nightmares, all throughout life.

4. Zombie (Resident Evil 1)

Zombie from the game Resident Evil 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 is creepy, but not the creepiest series of Capcom’s survival-horror franchise this one apart from the first original Resident Evil. In addition to offering unique game play mechanism and may be confusing, Resident Evil won the hearts of gamers through its theme is so unique.

One is for sure, he offers horror really able to make you cry out of fear, especially when you are introduced to the zombies in the first cut-scene. They may move very slow and disorganized, but the zombies in the original Resident Evil offers the sensation of fear itself. Deadly, die hard, and limited resource reinforces this experience.

5. Pyramid Head (Silent Hill)

Being the creepiest characters in the gaming industry, he would have to offer complete elements that made ​​him feared by gamers. The atmosphere is what will automatically get when you meet for the first time, with Pyramid Head in Silent Hill.

The design is solid and creepy, brutal, elusive, a large sword that can kill you with ease, as well as the sudden appearance makes Pyramid Head is so threatening. Even the sound of his sword dragging on the floor is enough to make you panic and run for the best fuzzy path. Pyramid Head is unified package that will wrinkle all your hopes and dreams of a life full of courage. Meanwhile, more video game stuff you can get at and game deals